ConfigureTek Inc. presents the “TCO Reports & Financial Analysis from HP Asset Manager” video session.

In today’s economic climate of doing more with less, and saving on costs where at all possible, IT managers must make every effort to identify all direct and indirect costs affecting their assets—isolating those with abnormally high or redundant expenses. Controlling the Total Cost of Ownership of these assets is a major factor in having a competitive advantage in business and maximizing the company’s bottom line. Asset Manager’s Financials module can help you do exactly that.

Overview of Asset Manager’s Financials module, with a focus on the importance of Total Cost of Ownership, and ConfigureTek’s ITAM quick start solution that leverages your company’s existing asset and related data sources to enable improved inventory management, software asset management and cost tracking analysis and reporting in a short time frame.

13-minute session includes:

  • Asset Manager Financial Module Overview
  • Why Control Total Cost of Ownership?
  • Leveraging Asset Data to Implement a TCO Strategy
  • TCO Examples and Reporting
  • ConfigureTek’s ITAM Solution Offering


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