Software Asset Management and Covid-19 | CIO Critical Initiatives

Part 1 – Why SAM why now?

In these trying times, we look at numbers in the macro that inevitably will impact us in the micro.  The impact of this crisis goes way beyond the number of infected people, recoveries and deaths.  It clearly hits all of us as unemployment numbers rise to unprecedented levels, impacted countless industries all at the same time.

What can you, as an IT leader do to help your organization through these difficult times?  This is the time for us to double our focus and resolve in the most strategic initiatives possible.  When we consult with organizations, one of the key discussions we go through is the “Impact vs Investment” discussion.



Impact vs Investment

In this exercise, we list all of the initiatives we are considering and weigh them based on Impact and Investment.  Obviously, we are looking for things that will bring a high impact with a lower investment.  We should take a minute to define Impact and Investment to ensure we are on the same page.  When I lead this discussion, I always ask the team to define these terms and I write this on a whiteboard.  It usually sparks a good discussion wherein we refine our definition of each until it is acceptable for the group.  Here are some common things that will help you define each for your organization.

Impact:  Quantified impact on # of customers, employees, stockholders, etc.

Investment:  Quantified investment in terms of money, time, resources, etc.



SAM usually scores High Impact & Low Investment

In this post, which is the first in a series, my goal is to highlight why you should consider a few of the reasons you consider implementing and/or improving SAM immediately.


Hard Dollar Savings – These are real dollars and an immediate impact. In fact, a well implemented SAM project should be positive ROI within 6 months.

Cyber-Security – Immediate impact on your attack surface area.  Shadow IT and blacklisted software run rampant in most organizations.  Now you can see near real-time reports and tie in automated security and vulnerability responses.

Automation – Everything from triggering alerts based on usage, compliance and blacklists to streamlining your purchase, installation and reclamation tasks.

Full Life-Cycle Management – Dashboards & reports providing information that pushes to you regarding every stage from “cradle to grave” of your software assets.  How good is your process today at automatically assigning new hires software and making licenses available when employees depart?

Audit Defense – Leveraging SAM prevents audit shock by making all of your current license deployments fully transparent and traceable.

Central Repository – One single source of truth for all of your licensing and entitlement information.

Software Spend Detection – Optimizing, analyzing and tracking software spend automatically.


The key takes away here is that you should strongly consider having a conversation with us about Software Asset Management.  Invest just 30 minutes with us and you may find that you are on to something that will have a huge impact on your organization!