In 2013, ConfigureTek worked with one of the world’s largest health insurance providers to implement a solution that could assist with better management and monitoring of authorized and unauthorized changes to their critical applications. By implementing HP Universal Discovery and integrating it into their existing product stack, this organization was immediately able to leverage day to day auto-discovered change history information across their top critical applications.

Integrating HP Universal Discovery with HP BSM and HP NNMi, the customer was able to add business context to monitoring tools and thereby make the most of the existing investments. Within a short span of time, the client was already realizing significant benefits from discovery, identifying servers and application components across their network.

Within a short time, dozens of applications were added to and modeled within the UCMDB. The resulting application maps reflected varying degrees of detail, complexity and application tiers as required within the client environment. Special perspective views were set up to allow the NOC to visualize every application from a multitude of angles – Networking, Node Dependencies, Cluster Resources, VIPs, etc.

The client was able to realize the benefits of the toolset well before completion of the project, which resulted in expanding the scope, use cases and breadth of applications being impacted by the HP UCMDB and BSM toolset.

Upon successful completion, the client had a fully integrated suite of tools, with a robustly discovered server and application environment, along with a vast array of views, perspectives and reports to consume the data.