Customer: Wireless carrier network operator in North America.
Industry: Telecommunications
Size: approx. 35,000 employees
Task:  Review existing monitoring, propose and implement solutions to monitoring gaps; deploy a development environment for HP Business Service Management
Duration of the project: Six months


Project Overview

ConfigureTek, in partnership with HP, performed a review of the existing (non-HP) Business Service Management monitoring solution and provided recommendations to improve application availability and performance detection and monitoring.

In addition to working with the existing monitoring, a new development environment was deployed to allow for proper testing.


Having worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies across various verticals, ConfigureTek has developed an efficient approach towards application and infrastructure monitoring. Upon completion of the implementation, the client’s IT application performance monitoring was improved significantly ensuring high levels of accuracy. Through working closely with the customer’s resources we were able to improve the working relationships between the monitoring team and application teams.