In 2011 a large US electric company chose CCI to help them reduce MTTR and streamline their network management processes. Two weeks later (including one week of testing) the customer was already realizing the benefits of implementing UCMDB, Business Service Manager (BSM). and Operations Manager (OMi).

It was never easy to optimize the mundane tasks of IT personnel thereby enabling them to work toward more strategic initiatives, but the simplest approach is by consolidating event management tasks. CCI implemented such a solution that reduces duplication of efforts, helps identify problem causes quickly, and decreases MTTR using HP UCMDB, BSM, and OMi.

By integrating these products the customer began realizing the value in having the ability to dynamically discover and correlate events – even while the environment continued to change – from two sets of data. One provided information about the infrastructure and the other was topology information to tie the infrastructure to the business services or processes that rely on it.

This project also included secondary and ancillary products from HP such as Operations Manager for Windows (OMW), Network Node Manageer (NNMi) that monitors HP servers and PCs and fed information to OMW, plus HP SiteScope to monitor other resources that OMW/NNMi could not provide information about. Therefore, one should recognize and concur that this customer’s IT management tools were growing toward an overwhelming and unmanageable environment.

One week later the client had a single ‘pane of glass’ to view and manage every event relative to all segments of their IT environment. Consequently, the customer began realizing a significant decrease in MTTR via the correlation engine of BSM/OMi that helps reduce downtime immensely by determining root cause and symptom events. Further, by using flows the resolution of many problems can be totally automated such that problems fixed using custom scripts that detect and fix problems and then provide an incident report for tracking purposes.